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Naked women being flogged

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Alla mia cara mamma nel giorno del suo compleanno - actress Eleonora Giorgi same of Story of a Cloistered Nun is spanked with a belt, and later we see good marks on her bare bottom, while treatened.

You see it but she is in th dark, so just an outline. Lori greiner big tits. The women tied her up, standing up with her arms up and apart, held by ropes around her wrists to a wood beam. Criminal Women Report aka Edo Inquisition Torture - Has a couple of scenes where Asian women are bent over on the ground and spanked hard with a paddle by another woman.

Office Girls aka: Was a nice dramatic moment though. Naked women being flogged. Dressurakt fuer Wilde Maedchen - Know nothing about this one, but I saw it on another list. It seems to be a religious experience for them. Poorly acted and a bad job all around. She verbally defies her her father and gets 2 more lashes before climbing a horse and escaping to town. A good looking woman asks Donald Sutherland to whip her ass with a small red whip.

Punition - Ausgepeitscht, Karin Schubert What a great german title for a lousy film! Nothing more is shown. Justin bieber leaked nude photos. Lengthy scene, which is unfortunately shot entirely from the front. Later, Nora-Jane shows off her scars to a young man. I can't quite make out what they're saying because of the language, but one of the men takes out a stick and starts beating her with it, while the others look on and smile. Among them is sexpot Sylvanna Mangano who in my opinion was the most natural beauty of the European exports outside of Ingrid Bergman who constantly taunts and sexually teases the men in the valley.

Naked women being flogged

I think this film was cut to give it a PG rating. Also, another woman Olivera Katarina is whipped in a barn, but is fully clothed and not tied up. Two women are whipped after fighting in the camp. Killers are Challenged - aka Bob Fleming Text Jane Tobes, possibly an enslaved woman, admitted that she brought rum to the men working in the fields, enticing them to neglect their work and get drunk.

She is forced to kneel for her whipping, which is stopped by John Agar. These are propositions that do not admit of doubt; and it is equally clear, to every humane and considerate person, that the public flagellation of females, a spectacle with which we have of late been so frequently disgusted, is, in many respects, very highly exceptionable.

Has a scene where all of the women are made to hold up a bucket, and the one who drops it will get whipped. Two women are tied to a tree in a forest and whipped by a group of men. Sir, - Judicial punishment, in order to answer its legitimate ends, ought to be such as might afford a rational probability of reforming the criminal, and of deterring others from the commission of like offences; it should have no tendency to corrupt, or harden, either the sufferer or the beholders.

Afterwards, there is supposed to be a scene where she makes love to the cultleader and you can see the welts, but I've never seen that part. Cum while blowjob. Contains a scene where a woman is tied up and beaten with a stick, as well as a very nice scene where the title character a blind swordswoman has her top and bra ripped off and gets whipped across her bare back.

A brief pause then another well measured stroke, then another. Amateur neighbor 6 months ago Pornalin.

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Fraulein Devil - Woman is chained to the wall and whipped by a femal Nazi. Full length milf porn movies. Sal - the last movie by Pasolini: The entire scene is shot from the front.

Her hair is covering most of her bare back for some strange reason, but her acting is rather realistic. None of them are really any good, but there is a good scene where a woman has the whip marks on her back treated by two other girls. Naked women being flogged. Later, we see the marks on her back as she is laying on a shower floor.

Hell Mountain This is a new film, so far unreleased on video in the US. From Beyond - Thanks JS for reminding me of this one.

UK Judicial Mar After the whipping, Bill Cosby has a brief cameo, in which he tells Lisa that that's what she gets for leaving The Cosby Show. In the next scene a prison guard treats Deborah's wounds, but nothing is shown. Outcast, The - Joan Evens is held by her brothers and given 7 lashes by her father before she breaks free and as she turns we see the whip marks on the back of her dress.

She's clothed, but later her master lifts her top halfway up to look at her whip marks. Mostly shot from one angle, but looks real. Angelique 2, Teil - This has a scene in which some prostitutes are whipped, though Angelique who was among them is spared. Big british tits tube. One beautiful girl breaks the rules again an again, until she is punished. She likes it and kneels on the floor encouraging him to whip her harder.

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House of 1, Dolls - A prostitute wearing only a bra and panties is whipped on her back to extract information. Husbands and Lovers - this movie contains an over the knee spanking to the star joanna pakula. In the first one, the master is whipping one of his slaves for spreading rumors. Detention Girls - Yay! Stowe is bathing with the other girls.

More crummy Dave Friedman sleaze. Woodell is topless, but her hair covers her breasts. They're chained to the ceiling AOH wearing only white panties. Fury in the Tropics - There are 2 whipping scenes in this hard-to find Jess Franco women's prison movie.

Caligula's Slaves Woman whips a nude slave. Naked girls with glasses. It was under this statute that whipping-posts were substituted for the cart.


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